Meet Your Vibes is an experimental entity in music that, in addition to being a multi-structure is also one of interchange space and innovation
Our basic principles are:


  • Creation (By assisting artists in the production of their songs, helping them to approaching the best in the international market, making available the services of: mastering & mixing, ghost production, promotion, consulting, graphics & video, photographers
  • ¬†Experimentation (you can take advantage of three rehearsal rooms and two room dj)
    transmission of knowledge (we hold technical courses of sound, instrumental music, digital composition, DJ and technical and promotional consultancy)
  • Quality (we aim to offer a high level of service is due to the experience of a team engaged for years in the industry that the performance of our equipment, made up of top of the range machines)
  • ¬†Vanguard (Meet Your Vibes promotes new sounds in the market, mixing different influences, new talents and alternative collaborations, both in the creation of original songs in the production of samples of packets destined to the digital market (which will subsequently be put on sale at our store); an ever more intense contact between past and current sounds, combining the analog to digital instrumentation;
  • The integration of contactless technologies including Leap Motion and Neurofox (neural interface project based in Berlin we work with in person in the trial) in the composition and live within set.Tutto this and much more is Meet Your Vibes.